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Hi there! I am a professional climatologist, hazardous weather fanatic, and occasional storyteller who has been blending forecast analysis, climate discussions, and stories about often completely unrelated topics into an email/newsletter, in a decidedly unprofessional capacity (don't blame my employer!), for over 20 years. I cannot explain to you why people read it, or why you would want to, but if you do not already receive it, this is where you sign up.

So, if you live in the Twin Cities, greater Minnesota, or lesser Wisconsin (naw!), are interested in the weather and how the climate works, or at least enjoy reading somebody else's thoughts about it, and if you do not mind occasional, sometimes out-of-the-blue, sometimes long, sometimes story-laced, sometimes typo-riddled emails that probably could have been summed up with one good subject line and perhaps a sentence or two, then you should sign up here! 

You only need to sign up if you have not been receiving these messages from me directly (for example, because someone has forwarded them to you). If you receive them directly, we're good!
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